For more than 25 years Bill Tosetti has provided architectural rendering services to architects, builders, developers and advertising agencies looking to communicate their vision and designs to their clients. The scope of his rendering services includes both residential and commercial properties and ranges from simple industrial buildings to expansive retail developments; theme parks to high-end homes. Whether you require conceptual renderings to serve as a preview of a design or you are interested in showing a property’s potential without the need for an architect, Bill Tosetti can help you.


Architects appreciate Tosetti’s ability to take an existing plan and produce elaborate presentations like rendered site plans, bird’s eye views and full color perspective views in a variety of styles.


Bill Tosetti has had the honor of working with clients who include Adidas, Castle & Cooke, Lexus, Six Flags, The Disney Store, The Four Seasons Resort and The Trump Organization. In addition to his talent, clients value the relationship that they have with Bill Tosetti because he does all the work personally, he works with each client on an individual basis to determine their needs and how he can best provide them with a high quality product within budget and time constraints.


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